Tuesday, June 24, 2003

No such thing as paperless office

Based on personal experience, the paperless office is a non-reality. When computers started to arrive at our office in 1993 (I know, I know we were too late. More on that later.) Many thought it would mean a decrease in paper consumption.

The opposite held true. I now have more than double the amount of waste paper stacked in the shelves of my old typing table. Only one side has been used. So they get stacked for future needs like rough drafts.

And piles of waste paper are growing everywhere in the office. The reason is simple.

In the olden days of the typewriter, once you have finished typing a memo, that's about it. Typing out the whole thing again is unthinkable. So an eraser here, or a correction fluid there. Then simply reposition the paper on the typewriter to where the mistake is and peck the keys.

Try that out with a computer printer. Instead, even one spelling mistake will mean another paper on the printer. Unless your Boss likes a rough draft on the unused side of your waste paper inventory.