Thursday, June 26, 2003

The rising street level

I remember my earlier days living in a place not far from the downtown area. I have to stand on something in order to look over the fence and see people or vehicles passing by the street. When the aphalt road would be full of potholes, some private engineering contractor would be paid by the city to lay another layer of asphalt.

After ten years of these process, the street level has gone up so much that passersby could now look down over the fence and see us on the other side.

This is the way all the streets in the city are repaved when the asphalt is destroyed. Many streets are now higher than the sidewalks. Building owners resort to putting up concrete barriers along their sidewalk so that runoff water would not drain into their establishments.

Now, there are many pedestrian bridges, also known locally as skywalks, traversing over streets allowing people get to the other side. If we continue with the way we are repairing city streets - by just adding another layer of asphalt - we will find that some vehicles cannot anymore pass under these skywalks.

Or drivers will notice that on level streets their vehicles would seem to suddenly duck under a skywalk.