Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Seminar, training, workshop

Our office spends a lot sending office workers to Head Office for seminars and training; most of the time in MS Office.

I bought a book on WordPerfect decades ago and mastered word processing in no time at all. Thanks to Que publishing. I also bought a book on Multimate Advantage because it was being installed in the office computers. But multimate was soon set aside when new computers came bundled with MS Word. I could not waste any more more money for another book on word processing. There was even little money for my law books.

In fact I missed out on the first few seminars on computers because of my law studies. So I had to learn on my own.

It was, however, already the advent of Windows. And MS Word was easier to use than WP. Just try doing in WP5.1 a table of 24 rows x 31 columns in several pages, which I did for an employee attendance form. MSWord was a godsend. And so was Excel, or even 123, over Quattro.

The office saved few thousand when I learned on my own the few needed tricks of word processing or worksheet skills.

What I cannot understand is that after 15 years or so, they are still sending employees to HO for seminars and workshops in MSWord or other windows applications. New employees who are fresh from school come to the workplace equipped with such. And one who has not learned Word or Excel these 15 years does not really want to learn or does not have the aptitude and should better be left alone.

But people still get to go to seminars. When they come back they are, most often than not, badgering us about some tricks in Word or Excel or Powerpoint which they seemed to have forgotten. In fact many don't get to use whatever little they learned at those seminars. What a waste!!

Seminars for new technologies are good for a year or two. After that everyone who needs the skills is expected to have acquired them. Those who don't, well, that is another matter.