Friday, November 28, 2003

Politician vs. Bureaucrat

People are always complaining about dirty politics and greedy politicians. Well, here is their chance to have a non-politician President. You know who I meant.

So what if he is only a high school dropout? We chose a housewife to kick out a tyrant. The greatest-ever president we had was only a mechanic.

We elected a movie actor but the "bright" among us couldn't abide our choice. Mga tanga raw tayo. So they booted him out not in an election but through a mob action. These people are just poor losers. So where is our democracy?

Between a bureau director and a mayor, I would rather have the politician. At least when a mayor crosses me, I can always take revenge at the next election.
A bureau director or a lesser functionary can act like a god, at times, and I cannot do anything about it.

Winston Churchil said that democracy is a poor way of governance but the rest are worse. Politicians are part of the democratic way of life. You do not like them, vote them out of office. But please do not take away from other people their participation in the democratic process which is voting into office whom they wanted. That is the essence democracy. The alternative is a step back to tyranny.

The thing with so called elite is that think they should think for us and the nation.

Someone tried to think what was good for us. He thought he could teach us how to be great. So he declared martial law. And the rest is history.