Saturday, December 13, 2003

Eat Your Hearts Out HO people

One time, a mid-level executive from Manila HO visited our Cebu office. He was quite impressed by the way he was treated by my office mate. He told the secretary of our boss in so many words, "Itong si . . . parang aral-Maynila."

He might be from the big city. But he was exhibiting a gigantic proportion of provincialism.

My officemate happens to be from Dumaguete; a product of the famous Silliman University (definitely a world-class university).

The parochialism of some HO people is unbelievable. Even one's regional accent does not escape their pettiness.

OK, why is Geoge Bush called Dubya? Because in Texas they pronounced W as dubya. So provincialism is not a Filipino trait. But surely of one who lives in the capital city.

Well, here's news for you! In her column in the Inquirer of December 13, 2003, Prof. Solita Monsod wrote that "call-centers find Cebu and Dumaguete relatively fertile hunting grounds for English-fluent operators."

According to Prof. Monsod call-center executives say it is easy to correct regional accents. But 95 percent of NCR applicants fail because they simply cannot communicate in correct English.

BTW, my brother-in-law who is a professor at UPLB insists that University of San Carlos in Cebu City is also world class. That is why while he was pursuing his PhD in Japan he submitted his papers to a USC journal for publication. Now that he is on his postdoctoral, I bet he will do the same.