Friday, January 23, 2004

Do grandparents really need grandchildren?

How many times does one hear from people who have just became new grandparents about how dearer a grandchild is compared to their own children?

I used to think that way. I grew up with my grandparents. When my children were toddlers I used to remind them not to destroy the comics I bought for them since I was really saving them up for their children.

Now I think otherwise. And I know why grandparents claim to be more fond of their grandchildren.

Parents are usually busy getting on with their lives. They rush to work in the mornings. And too tired when they get home in the evening. Naturally, there is less time for bonding with the children. (I am talking here of families where both spouses work.) I suspect they don't get to know their children very well.

So when they became grandparents, they make up for the lost time they had not showered on their own children. What a pity!!

A grandparent has only 1/4 of his/her genes in the grandchildren. Another set of grandparents - the comare and kumpare - has one half of the claim on the grandchildren.

In my case I'd rather shower my love today on my children.