Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Early lunches: one sign of non-competitive states

Ralph Peters in his article "Spotting Losers: Seven Signs of Non-Competitive States" said:

"If you are seeking a worthy ally or business opportunity, go to a mid-level government office in Country X an hour before the local lunchtime. If everyboy is busy with legitimate work, you've hit a winner. If there are many idle hands, get out."

Sounds very familiar? Observe.

At 11AM almost every office is deserted. The employees are taking their lunch in the canteen or someplace. 11:30 most are changing into sports suits. 12NN they are in the gym sweating it out either chasing balls or doing their asanas while being led by a hired yoga guru. Many are in some corner or nook immersed in their prayer meeting. 1PM they are wiping off their sweat and cooling down; the praying people are blessing each other.Don't forget the morning and afternoon breaks of 30 minutes each.

Oops, I am supposed to be talking only about early lunches.

Get the full article at and see the other six signs. You'll find most of them applicable to the country. You can even benchmark your office against them.