Thursday, May 27, 2004

Gokongwei's Speech on Enterpreneurship

Passed around in the Internet like a chain-letter is the commencement speech of Mr. Gokongwei.

It is interesting not only because Mr. Gokongwei is a fellow Cebuano but because he suggests that we ought to be enterpreneurs like him. His speech make it seems easy to be one.

But reality hurts. The government looks bent on placing all barriers for anyone who wishes to set up his own business. Except perhaps in Marikina and Quezon City where they have put in place enterpreneur-friendly procedures, the rest of the country still hasn't caught on the idea of making things easier for business to prosper.

I still remember my classmate in MBA saying one cannot really earn a profit if he religiously follows all BIR regulations. He was at the time starting a lending business.

I think Mr. Gokongwei had it easier because his family was already well established in Cebu although he started back from scratch when their family fortune disappeared.

Of course, not everyone has the genes for enterpreneurship. But the government should really not make life difficult for those with the ambition and the aptitude to be one.