Sunday, June 27, 2004

Rich heirs in the government

The overused alibi when government executives fail the lifestyle check is that they inherited a fortune from their parents. No problem with that. What's interesting is when their parents also used to work with the government! How did the parents get to amass a fortune? That is the problem.

It is patriotic when heirs of rich families render service to the nation by working in the government where their expertise are sorely needed. But it takes away from the nobility of the purpose when all one hears from them is that they have taken income cuts just to serve. Pheww!

To avoid suspicion, just like the wife of the Roman Emperor, a rich heir should work where there is no opportunity for graft and corruption. Perhaps, teach out-of-school youth.

But to work in a government agency with "moneytoring" functions and fail the lifestyle check and claim that one's wealth comes from inheritance stretches the imagination a little too far.