Saturday, July 03, 2004

Jeepney tong collectors are everywhere

CEBU CITY - - They are called dispatser from the English word dispatcher. You know those people who bark the destination of a passenger jeepney or buses. Formerly they are found only where jeepneys or buses are parked while waiting for the seats to be filled up. They collect a variable amount from each jeepney that starts on its way, depending on the number of people who took the ride while he was shouting or the voluntary kindness of the drivers.

Now they are lurking at every street corners where jeepneys slow down or stops even when the light is green. And more and more just run after the jeepneys and extend their hands to the driver or to the conductor to get a piso coin or two without even bothering to call for passengers.

But even taxis now have "dispatsers" forcing themselves upon the hapless drivers or passengers. Well, at least they have a form of employment.