Saturday, September 04, 2004

My blogworld is slowing down but it is ber season again

Dean Jorge has vanished into the ethernet. And Steven Den Beste looks like he's parking his journalistic pen. Only Sassy is still prolific. But then she said it's what she does for a living.

Me, I am just to busy. I am only halfway through Guns, Germs and Steel. I know, I know I should have read this long ago. But I am not rich so I was waiting for the Book Sale or RSO (another second book store) to carry the title. Luckily my wife's nephew was on training in Boston (he works with Teradyne here at the Mactan Export Zone). He bought one from Ebay. 600 pesos plus, he said. It costs around 800 pesos at National Book Store. And he said it was his "sinugatan" for me. Good book. Almost like the prequel of Fukuyama's Trust which my friend bought second hand from Metro Gaisano and gave to me. Prequel in the sense that the two books explain why some societies or nations are rich while others are not.

I have not had the time to finish my inventory program (in Visual FoxPro). At the office (where I use Clipper for my "dogfood" inventory program)we are deep into our annual inventory. So much items to account for. It has always been like this since I got involved in the inventory. My former senior partner in this duty (she takes the leading responsibility, I only maintain the database) has left for Canada and very thankful she could finally get away from this boring job. My new senior partner keeps on saying she will not last long in this duty too. Hmmn!

But there is something to look forward too. It is now September. And bonus season again. My creditors now have but smiles for me. Hehehe!