Friday, September 10, 2004

Overpaid GOCC employees

First off, hindi kami sabit diyan. In our office only the officers (above salary grade 19) are exempted from the salary standardization law. So how big their salaries are is of no moment to us except as a source of continuous envy and despair. :-(

The usual reason given when some government entities are exempted from the salary standardization law is to make their salaries competitive with the private sector. GOCCs need to compensate their personnel well or they will be pirated by the private sector or so the theory goes.

The problem with the theory is that the inefficient and the corrupt get rewarded along with the talented and efficient ones. And thus the rot in government service continues.

Now what about this statement by DBM Secretary Boncodin that in fact the executives of our GOCCs are receiving more than their counterpart in the private sector. Most of these executives won't even make it in the private companies.