Friday, December 10, 2004

5S in our office, again

Some years ago someone was sent by head office to conduct a seminar on 5S. It was then the peak of the 5S mania. Head office spent a big bang to contract an outside company to send their experts not only in Manila but to the branches.

The lecturer at our branch happens to be from Lapulapu City but was already based in Manila. One of my co-worker knew the man. He told me he visited the lecturer at his home. And he thought 5S expert was not practicing what he was preaching. I am not really sure what my co-worker meant.

If he were around - he retired two years ago - he would be amused that our office has again introduced 5S. And he would chuckle to know that I was made Chairman of the 5S compliance committee.

One of the essence of 5S is that everyone is a janitor. Each employee must take care of his immediate surroundings. This is alright for the Japanese or other Orientals. But in a highly westernized country like the Philippines, I have serious doubts that a non-rank-of-filer would dare wipe the dust of his desk in the morning or empty her trash can at the end of the day.

The compliance committee has a thankless job ahead of it. Already someone has told us during our tour of the different units that telling him what to do was one sure way of losing his friendship. Uggh!!