Thursday, December 16, 2004

Another canal and Tabunok is still a mess.

Tabunok, Talisay City, Cebu.
They are constructing a new drainage canal on the left side (as you go towards Cebu City) of the national road across from the Gaisano Tabunok Fiesta Mall. The canal stretches from VECO to the portion across the street from PNB.

Over the canal they have placed welded strips of angular bars. Perhaps it was designed to allow rainwater to fall into the canal. My wife says that the covers are not female-friendly because women can break their ankles if their heels get caught between the bars.

I told my family that below this canal is a length of big culverts, about the 5 ft. in height that was supposed to drain rainwater and waste water towards the Bulacao River. Those culverts have been filled up with garbage so that wastewater seeps out into the street in many places.
With the continued increase in the street level due to years of simply asphalting over the potholes, the culverts are now deep below and cannot be serviced. So they build a canal over it.

This is not an isolated case for Tabunok. This is also true in Cebu City. One day while I was taking a jeepney ride it was raining hard and the streets in Cebu City were flooded. The driver stated matter of factly that the canal is below the street while the water is above the street.

This particular place in Tabunok where they have constructed the canal is prone to flooding during rains. But even without rain, there are dirty pools in many places along the street. And garbage is strewn just about everywhere, but that is a subject for another blog.