Saturday, December 25, 2004

There oughta be feasiblity studies for laws.

The local government has put up signboards in many places on the center island of new and spanking highway that cuts through Talisay City. The signs list down the vehicles prohibited from using the highway: tricycles, bicycles, push carts, animal-drawn carriages. But I counted many of them while taking a hike from the start of the highway near Minglanilla up to the corner in Uldog where I turn right on my way home.

I think before making any regulation, they should think about whether they can enforce it. It is much like warning China that they would be punished if they occupy one of our Kalayaan islands. Since we do not actually have the means to carry out our threat, we might as well have kept quiet about it.

OK, they also have another ordinance of sort that requires tricycle drivers to wear shoes. The first week I was surprised and elated that the drivers really were wearing shoes. But only a few weeks after it seems most ofl the shoes have worn down because only a few now still sport them.

Making a law and not enforcing it or not maintaining the enforcement after some time will only cause criminals to harden in their ways or inspire other would-be criminals.