Monday, December 06, 2004

Why no blog post in November

November was unusually busy.

I was working on the revised ports location plan for the office as required by head office, during the first week of November. They want a sketch showing the places where a PC port would be installed in the various units of the office for connecting workstations to the network. But some guys, and their department head who outranks the head of the office requiring the location plan, came on the second week to inspect the progress of our branch in meeting the requirements for our ISO certification. I had to put off working on the ports plan.

Part of the ISO requirements involved 5S. A compliance committee was set up. No one volunteered for the job of chairman, so I was volunteered. One joke about committees guides my view: "A committee is composed of individuals who can do nothing and as a group decides that nothing can be done". :-(

So what I am doing being chairman. I know how hard it is to get together members to a meeting. There is alway an excuse or two. But I wield a little leverage with these people. Don't come to the meeting and I pull the plug on your networked PC. No, I'm kidding. But so far they always appear on time for meetings and inspection of the progress of the compliance with the 5S projects.

And that's why my blogging days were rather slow in November.