Saturday, January 29, 2005

I've got my GSIS eCard

Finally, I got my eCard this morning. Wow, was there a long, thick line at the entrance to SM City at 9AM.

I went there together with Alex and Reeza to get our eCards. The crowd at the entrance was getting edgy, all eager to get inside first to have their cards processed. And the eCard staff was already shouting at the people. But we were there only to get our cards which were processed days before. So we took the entrance for mall personnel.

I think GSIS is putting to shame the efforts of Comelec of providing IDs to registered voters. The eCard people are efficient, perhaps because they were from the private sector. Until now I do not know what happened to my voter's ID. If any consolation, I will see a younger me in the Comelec ID than in my GSIS e-card.

I wish the GSIS processor would take, say, five shots and let us choose the one we liked best. Vain old man :-)