Saturday, February 05, 2005

Vigilantism is a symptom, not a cure

Not a cure surely is this vigilante phenomenon now sweeping Cebu City.

Dozens of petty hoodlums have been gunned down since December 2004 in many places in the city. One was shot in the dead of the night at his own home while pleading for his life. His toddler child who was sleeping beside him in his small house was also hit by a stray bullet; although not fatally.

This is the main problem with vigilantism. innocent bystanders get hit in the process. Collateral damage?

But vigilantism is a symptom of rotten police work. The police can't do their job, so the vigilantees take matter into their own hands.

Want to see how vigilantism progresses from bad to worse? Watch the Charles Bronson movies Death Wish 1 to 4. In the first movie he killed a few petty hoodlums with a side arm. In the last Death Wish he used a machine gun and an RPG.