Sunday, February 20, 2005

A visit to an internet cafe

At 9:30AM today we went to the Talisay City Sports Comples. That's where the Talisay Malayan Academy was holding the culminating activities of the PEHM classes. It was also TMA Day. Since Dodon is in the last year of high school, their CTS performed the opening number: a pass in review.

We were late in getting inside the gymnasium. So we were only able to see the final moments of their review.

Afterwards, I went out to go home. Iyam and Honi wanted to see other events. Mamay was seated on one side of the gym with her barkada who graduated from TMA last year. I bought a copy of PDI and Sunstar. On my way home, I decided to drop in at the internet cafe where Paul is the administrator. He said they have DSL, the business type. That would be 256K.

That's what I am doing now. Trying this out. Wow, fast. Of course, there are only two of us at the moment using. The other guy is playing Ragnarok. It's good that Dodon has not become addicted to this. He's contented with his NBA. And we got that at home using our old Pentium 3.

The cafe has web cams for video chat via the Yahoo messenger. Great. But I've never tried that. I'd prefer anonymity.

Some say 256K is not fast enough. Well, for one who is only using dial-up at home, this is already heaven. And the cost is only 20-pisos an hour. Paul said I could download from here.

Now I am thinking of getting my hand on a USB flash memory, or whatever it is called. I need to try the shareware version of Web Connection.