Sunday, March 20, 2005

Pacquiao lost, Filipinos despondent

I never got to see how Pacquiao was beaten black and blue by Morales. I was watching the undercard over Channel 9 because we do not have cable TV.

I knew that being a free TV, Ch 9 had to broadcasts later than cable to accommodate its many advertisers. So when after the undercard the ads seemed to be interminable I begun to suspect that the fight did not go Pacquiao’s way.

When I checked the AM band my suspicion was confirmed: Pacquiao lost. I did not bother seeing the delayed telecast of the fight. The thrill was gone. Or was I just downhearted because of the loss. Perhaps.

The Filipinos were despondent over the loss of their hero. I saw how the nation seemed intensely awaited the fight. It seemed they bet their everything on a Pacquiao victory. It was as if his victory would bring salvation to the country; to all its economic and other worries.

Here’s a country that looks like it pinned its pride on the outcome of one man’s fight. Or was it only media hype? Most probably, it’s because nothing good seemed to be happening in the country so far. The prison breakout that resulted in the death of guards and dozens of prisoners was just the latest in the string of bad news. The victory of Pacquiao would have been a breath of fresh air. But it was not to be.

This country appears to be putting more hope on its athletes than its leaders. Clearly they have very good reasons for that.

And that’s why I’m sad about Pacquiao’s defeat.