Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Traffic is terrible

Well, OK, I've been very busy reading and following Manolo's (MLQ3) blog about gloriagate I've forgotten my own. Anyway I think there are enough arguments about this issue, so I'll just clam up on it. I'll talk instead about the terrible traffic between my community and Cebu City.

But first just a few words on Manolo's blog. As usual he is very well informed and analytic in his dissection of the issue; especially in his Inquirer column. And he is not as virulent as Conrad de Quiros. BTW, I also like de Quiros' unwavering faith in the Filipinos and his no-holds-barred treatment of political issues. But I think I like Manolo's less contentious way of presenting an idea. Yet I can sense that Manolo is fed up and is throwing away the velvet gloves and aiming a straight punch at you-know-who.

Anyway, back to my traffice woe. Yes, it is a daily headache going to work. With the closure of the coastal road by the Mayor of Cebu City, all vehicles from Talisay and other place to the south must now pass through the narrow national road. The Talisay portion of the road consists of four narrow lanes. At least there is an island in the middle to keep vehicles from overtaking on the opposite lane. But once the road reaches the boundary of Cebu City there is no more island for two kilometers. Vehicles would race its other anytime the opposite bound lane is free only to stop and block the incoming traffic.

This is where the traffic builds up. Especially since on both sides there are gated middle income communities that all empty their residents into the road as they get their ride to the city.

If the coastal road is reopened, traffic can be reduced by about one third as it was before the coastal road was closed.