Monday, August 15, 2005

Busy eating dogfood

Been very busy lately dogfooding so much so that my blog has been out of date for sometime. But I made it a point to check Manolo's blog everyday to make sure I am up-to-date on the political scene. The Philipine blog scene is still mostly about gloriagate. And Manolo still lists me in his blog. For that alone, I think I need to make an entry periodically. But this dogfooding thing is leaving me the barest of time.

Dogfooding or eating dogfood among programmers refers to using their own products. I am not sure if it includes simple MSWord or MSExcel macros or just using real programming language.

I need dogfood at work. It makes some of my duties easier. Largely my office chores consist of managing the property database. Head office sent us a very primitive property management program made out of Clipper. Primitive by today's standard although it looked like state-of-the art, to me that is, when I began using it in 1992.

No revision has been done to it since then. The programmer, my friend Noli Revamuntan, at head office has since moved on to higher responsibilities. So I have to do the revision to make it more responsive to my need.

We have another program for encoding payroll claims of those who do overtime duties. Also done in clipper and also just as primitive. I tweak it every now and then when I get bored with my other duties. Programming keeps my mind crunching and eases the ennui that every office worker falls into when things get very routinary.

Making dogfood does not stop at the office. Even at home I spend around an hour or so making several routines. This time it is windows-based. Perhaps I can use this at the office one of these days.