Sunday, October 16, 2005


My family and I watched Y Speak tonight. The missus has been asking about it tonight ever since she watched the two back-to-back episodes featuring Ryan with Judy Ann and Bianca with Direk. Cayetano.

I missed last week's program and therefore missed again Manolo's appearance. Tonight there was Rep. Remulla. Gilbert is a young politician who is worth watching like Rep. Escudero. And I don't mean their TV appearances but their political career. My generation has botched our chance. I am willing to bet the country's future on these guys of Manolo's generation.

Back to Y Speak, I think the hosts were wrong on the issue they submitted to the discussants. They were asking parents which to give their children between a P30T and a P5T cellphone. Is giving the expensive one only a "pasosyalan"?

The question should have been: "If you can afford would you rather buy your child a P30T cellphone instead of a P5T one?" Or expanding the issue a little bit: "Would you get the most expensive of anything for your child if you can afford it?"

This is where the "sosyal" and the socially-responsive parents would diverge. There are things that should not be cheap, like education. A cellphone is consumption item; education is an investment. But even a degree from an expensive or foreign school can also be "pasosyalan" only if it does not benefit society.

Spending ones income on consumption goods means less investment on capital goods. If instead of the P30T cellphone you settle for the P5T one and keeping the rest in savings means the rest of your money is available for investment opportunities in the economy.

It would serve the children better the earlier they learn that in the real world they cannot get everything they want or at least right away. The "marshmallow effect" does work. Children who learns to put off self-gratification grow up to be more successful.

I think YSpeak is a good TV program. One point for ABS-CBN. But one less point for its Pinoy Big Brother.