Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Back to blogging!

Wow, it has been quite sometime since my last post. My son got sick and my mind became unfocused for a while. He is still on medication but he is doing well. He plays basketball with a neighborhood team. OK, they lost their first two games.

But nobody expected them to win since they can only meet as a team during competition nights. Most of them have to earn a living during the day. A few are trisikad drivers. Some have gardens to tend to.

The kind of illness my son is suffering from is not easy. People who knew about it are surprised that he is actively engaged in sports. Just this summer he and his younger sister took up swimming. They just finished a 5-session schedule. And they can already swim. Now, only I in the family (3 chilren) do not know how to swim.

Of course, I can tread water. I can cross a pool but I do not know a breaststroke from a butterfly.

And we have started playing badminton. The children know how to smack a shuttlecock at each other as they play in any open space. To make it more structured, I installed a net in our small lawn. Not big enough for a real badminton court. But at least they can learn how to smash the shuttlecock into the other half.

My wife welcomed the idea as she used to play badminton in college. That was way back when badminton was not yet as popular as now. She was on the varsity team.

So what brought me back to blogging. Well, it is about my renewed interest in dogfooding. It is about Visual Studio Express that is now free. I'll get into that in next blog.