Sunday, October 15, 2006

Making Do With Slow DSL

Finally we have DSL at home. The PLDT calls it Plan 888 because subscribers pay P888 per month for the service. The cost of the dsl modem is tacked onto the monthly charges for one year so one pays P999 something per month.

I still envy my neighbors (siblings of my wife) who are enjoying Globe broadband at a fixed and promo cost of P999 for one year. They've got a full 512kbps connection. Ours is only 188Kbps or thereabouts. The downloading tops at 29kbps. I cannot afford the PLDT full DSL because it means an additional P999 on top of the monthly rental of P750.

At any rate,the children are happier because they can now watch their favorite Youtube clips altho they still must suffer through the effects of buffering. But we have found a way out by downloading the videos while doing other things on the Net. This is how I finally got to watch the two-part show of Richard Dawkins The Root of All Evil?.

On my wishlist for next year are a 512kbps DSL, a Core 2 Duo PC and a home LAN. But, hoping against hope, I am waiting for PLDT to offer a one-year promo for their broadband just like what Globe has offered.

So why don't I just jump over to Globe? I cannot explain it. Am I being masochistic? It seems I am like a father who hopes that eventually his child would reform. I am looking forward to PLDT taking better care of its suffering subscribers.

For instance, last year when my son was sick and needed to be brought to the hospital, our PLDT line simply went dead. What a timing? But it was always like that when there was little rain. So my wife rushed over to the home of her sister and used their Globe phone to arrange a transportation.

That forced me to write a protest to the PLDT office. And I sent a copy to the NTC regional office. A technician rushed over to our place and and engineer called me up at the office to mollify me.

But before that I was just practicing my patience over and over again everytime our phone conked out on a rainy day. Just like an everloving, patient father! Who knows; PLDT might just reform its ways and provide services on par with Globe or even better. Then I can watch Google videos in real time. There are so much to see like the Cosmos series of Carl Sagan, or the Ascent of Man series by Jacob Brownoski. Old series, yes, but still much ahead of its time even the present.

In the meantime, I will make do with downloading in the background (the video will be accompanied with a flashing message that uninterrupted viewing starts in over a day) while writing my blog just like what I am doing now.

That will be the day.